"Beyond the Bell's Got Talent"

Tell us about yourself:

“I have been playing drums since I was ten. I just picked up a guitar a year ago. I have always taught myself how to play. I have never studied with a music teacher.”

Being an only child I had a lot of time on my hands so I needed to keep busy. Music has always been my thing. My uncle was the one who inspired me. He had a Ska band and played backyard shows.

Musically I don’t want to sound like everyone else. I want to stand out a bit.  I bought a guitar looper and began making my own music.  I am mentally more experienced for my age. My parent’s divorced and that made me who I am today. Music has helped me mentally. And the whole point of my music is for you to feel it. “

How did you get involved with EduCare?

“Last year I performed at my previous high school’s talent show. The band that I was in covered a band named Pity Party. When I transferred to Sylmar High School, an EduCare staff member suggested that I do the talent show here. It was my first time playing as my own band.” 

How has EduCare made an impact on your life?

“I have been able to meet really cool people. I met Vianca, the EduCare Afterschool Site Coordinator, EduCare administrators, and different people from the talent shows. After the district talent show, I was able to get exposure and recognition for my work.  It’s great to meet with people and bond over talent.“