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Univision 34 Los Ángeles - A Primera Hora en KMEX: Cooperación Estudiantil

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Noel Negrete, EduCare student and Lincoln High School senior joins Gabriela Teissier on 'A Primera Hora' for an interview about Beyond the Bell's 3rd annual 'Students Serve LA' event.

EduCare President & Co-Founder, Stu Semigran Receives David Chow Humanitarian Award

David Chow Humanitarian Award Recipient 2012

Stu Semigran, EduCare Foundation

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Stu Semigran and his wife, Candace, founded EduCare in 1990. EduCare’s mission is to inspire and empower young people to become responsible citizens, compassionate leaders and to realize their dreams. EduCare’s programs, offered at elementary, middle, high school and college levels, have worked with more than 65,000 youth, 25,000 teachers and parents and have been implemented in 500 schools, districts and youth-serving agencies.

In addition to the United States, Mr. Semigran’s programs have benefited Israel, Tanzania, England, Australia and Bulgaria. Mr. Semigran leads his organization with humility and reminds us that “it’s about the kids.