Educator Institute For Teaching & Learning

Educators acquire the tools, techniques, and resources to teach an additional 3 R’s — Respect, Resiliency, and Responsibility — and build “safe” and caring learning environments that foster tolerance, creativity, and an increase in student learning and achievement.


  • Develop the ability to build “safe” and caring learning environments which honor each student’s uniqueness and foster creativity, cooperation, and achievement
  • Cultivate a renewed and deeper sense of purpose and direction
  • Enhance ability to educate beyond techniques and instructional strategies
  • Improve skills in empowering students to connect to their own — and others’ — intuitive wisdom, goodness, and compassion
  • Increase ability to positively impact your school or learning community

Key topics:

  • Personal and professional development for the educator: “we teach who we are”
  • Honoring and teaching the whole child — integrating cognitive, emotional, social, and real world / achievement skills
  • Tolerance and resiliency skill-building — how to create “safe” schools from the inside-out
  • Character development, emotional literacy, and asset-building
  • Curriculum and concrete strategies to implement in your school or organization
    • Serves up to 100 educators. 
    • 30 hours of training (4 class sessions plus homework). 
    • Eligible for LAUSD Staff Development Salary Points (2). Course # NA-22-09. 
    • Each participant receives a copy of EduCare’s curriculum, Making the Best of Me: A Handbook for Student Excellence and Self-Esteem.