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VOICE FEST: A POST-ELECTION EVENT at Esteban E. Torres High School

Photo by: @youthink_youth

Event Co-Sponsored by: @torreseducare

Humanitas Academy of Art & Technology (HAAT) students from Esteban E. Torres High School offer free hugs post-election.  Photo by:  @haatofficial

Humanitas Academy of Art & Technology (HAAT) students from Esteban E. Torres High School offer free hugs post-election.

Photo by: @haatofficial

Heart Talks Provide Emotional Support Post-Election 

In light of recent political events, it is important that we reflect on what we can do to take care of ourselves, while supporting each other as we process post-election emotions. Practicing and modeling self-care will assist everyone in these challenging times. It will especially benefit young people who are struggling to make sense of the events, often unable to see a safe and hopeful future.

To address the fear and uncertainty that so many of our students and their families are facing post-election, EduCare began hosting a series of workshops, or ‘Heart Talks,’ in some of our LAUSD Beyond the Bell partnering schools. The purpose of these talks was to provide emotional support in a safe, nurturing environment where together, students could express their concerns and share their feelings post-election.

Scared. Anxious. Angry. Depressed. These are just a few of the words our young people are using during the workshops to describe how they are feeling. During this time, caring communication and opportunities to connect with others will be essential for emotional and mental health. Once the students begin to express themselves in healthy ways and feel as though they have been heard, they can start moving towards acceptance.

With positive acceptance comes positive action. We are asking our students to focus on what they can control and encouraging them to come up with creative outlets for their feelings. By answering questions like ‘What are some of the simple things you can do to take care of yourself?’ young people are able to reconnect with themselves and practice personal responsibility. At the end of the workshops, students’ expressed feeling lighter, calmer, and more hopeful. By facing the unknown in self-honoring and pro-active ways, students, with the support of others, are gaining trust that they can constructively navigate potential challenges ahead.

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