EduCare has gained recognition for producing remarkable results both academically and behaviorally.

For the past 28 years, EduCare has served youth by assisting young people in becoming high achievers; promoting healthy relationships in the home and in the community; and preventing destructive social behaviors such as substance abuse, violence and crime.  EduCare achieves its objectives through its youth development programs, teacher and other professional development seminars, parent training workshops, and after school programs. 

From 1995-2000, EduCare was one of five lead training organizations contracted by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) to serve more than 70 schools and children centers within the District as part of the LEARN Annenberg School Reform.  In 2010-11, EduCare was the after school provider at seven LAUSD high schools under a subcontract with LAUSD Beyond the Bell (BTB), providing tutoring, homework assistance and academic enrichment to approximately 1000 students per day, and also provided its flagship ACE program in partnership with the UCLA Community Based Learning Program at three other LAUSD high schools.  In collaboration with two partners (Champions:  Adventure, Afterschool and Sports, !Mpact People) EduCare also is managing the BTB Take Action Leadership Campaign that is now nurturing core student leadership teams at 29 LAUSD high schools.  As a result of this effort, LAUSD and the three agencies were recognized by the California Afterschool Network in 2010 with the Innovation in High School After School Collaboration and Partnerships award.

An evaluation of EduCare’s work, contracted by LAUSD and conducted by Educational Resource Consultants, attests to EduCare’s capacity to provide effective after school programming:

  • EduCare program participants had higher mean scale scores than non-participants on the CST Math and ELA.

  • Over half of EduCare students scoring at the Far Below Basic level in Math and/or ELA in 2009 moved up at least one level on the 2010 CST.

  • A higher percentage of 10th grade EduCare participants passed the ELA and Math portions of the CAHSEE than non-participants

  • On a high school principals’ survey conducted, EduCare scored higher than the district average on every item measured. EduCare’s scores ranged from 3.3 to 4.0 on a 4-point scale, with 4 being most positive. The overall agency rating was 3.52, compared with a district average of 3.07. Academic enrichment programs were given a 3.81 rating (district: 3.29) and homework assistance received a 3.35 (district: 3.14). Communication with the school also was highly rated, with an average rating of 3.30 compared to a district average of 2.75.

In one study of the results of EduCare’s ACE Program with over 500 at-risk youth in six of the Philadelphia School District’s high schools, the school district reported that the program’s student participants had a 15% higher daily attendance rate, a 25% higher rate of passing four or more major subjects and a 39% reduction in the dropout rate.
Examples of life changing stories from EduCare students include:

  • A twelve year-old boy from inner city Los Angeles grew up in a group home, never having known his parents, had problems with school — attendance, academic grades, and cooperation. After attending college, he started his own consulting firm bringing youth leadership programs to the inner city, and has traveled to Geneva, Switzerland as part of a youth peace corp. Fifteen years later, he serves as an inspiring role model as he facilitates EduCare’s ACE Programs in Los Angeles.

  • A well-respected 15 year-old student leader from an outstanding Southern California high school reports: “This seminar has provided me with a sense of love and understanding that I have never felt before. It made me look at who I am and who I am becoming. It gave me the confidence and opportunity to speak up from my heart and reach out to others. It made me realize that I am powerful.”

  • A high school dropout in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who was involved in gangs and was dealing drugs, was given a “last chance” to participate in a special ACE Program at his continuation high school. Afterwards, in his own words, he reported: “A year ago, I had gold around my neck and my pockets loaded with money. Today I don’t have the gold or much money, but I am a much happier person and much richer inside…and now I know I will live to see my son grow up.”