Teambuilding & Communication Workshop

Teambuilding and communication are two vital qualities necessary for developing a positive work environment and a high performing team. EduCare’s Teambuilding Workshop involves participants in developing tools and techniques for more effectively managing on-the-job relationships, communication, and problem-solving skills. Simulations and highly interactive teambuilding initiatives engage participants in transformational teambuilding experiences that have practical application to student success.


  • Enhance higher levels of cooperation and teamwork
  • Develop the motivation and skills to promote effective communication and enhances productivity resulting in increased student achievement
  • Promote commitment and accountability as a team member

Key topics:

  • Improving communication and listening skills
  • Proactive vs. reactive communication
  • Conflict management – separating the people from the issues
  • Building trust and respect
  • Developing flexibility as a key for creative decision-making
  • Seeking the higher ground of inclusivity
  • Addressing current issues and concerns in a proactive and relationship-building style
    • Serves up to 100 educators. 
    • 6 hours of training.