Growth Heartset

The Practice of Love and Forgiveness in the Lives of Youth

By Stu Semigran

(August 2002)

The hearts of our children often ache from the hurts and hardships that they keep so hidden and secretive. We quietly hope that they can nonetheless move through life with a resilient spirit that can overcome the troubles they face. Though we may pray that they somehow miraculously gather the necessary abilities to maneuver through life’s challenges, we are quietly sensing that more has to be done to provide them with ample tools to draw upon. 

Thank A Teacher

Published in the Los Angeles Times

Tuesday, February 20, 2018 

Re “He ran toward the gunshots,” Feb. 16

The tragedy in Parkland, Fla., has me reflecting on many things. One for sure is remembering how tremendously valuable teachers are in improving the lives of so many young people. (“Victim and hero: Florida football coach ushered his students to safety before the gunman came for him,” Feb. 15.)