For Parents

Supporting Parents

Raising children is no small task and instructions are not included. EduCare assists parents and guardians by providing tools for effectively communicating and working with your child(ren), be it in cultivating positive discipline, enhancing self-image & motivation, and/or simply creating a more positive and cooperative family environment.

Parent Workshops

EduCareʼs Parenting & Parent Empowerment Workshops teach strategies for parenting with greater confidence, effectiveness, and personal fulfillment. Through interactive processes, the workshops provide parents and guardians with tools for:

  • Building self-esteem in the home
  • Motivating and inspiring children (preventive discipline)
  • Improving communication and listening skills (conflict resolution)
  • Shifting stress to success
  • Fostering cooperation and positive attitudes
  • Increasing personal self-esteem
  • Creating a climate for positive and rewarding family relationships
  • Developing greater parental school involvement
  • Motivating parents and family members to become more active in the school community
  • Developing communication, listening, and rapport building skills
  • Learning how to plan, design, and facilitate Parenting Workshops for their school or agency
  • Building facilitating skills for presenting parent workshops
  • Assisting parents in building their skills for developing their ability to communicate and assist their children

EduCare currently offers the following Parent Workshops:

  • Positive Family Communication**
  • Positive Discipline**
  • Motivating Your Teen**
  • Communicating With Your Teen
  • Developing a Self-Confident Teen
  • Balancing Love & Discipline
  • Parenting from the Heart
  • Building Assets in Teens
  • Resolving Family Conflict
  • Moving Past the Battle of Wills
  • Creating a Cooperative Family
  • The Empowered Parent

**EduCareʼs most popular Parent Workshops


All Parent Workshops serve up to 150 parents and include 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours of training. All programs encourage active participation & involvement.